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This spacious Wyndham kitchen functioned well for the family of four, but they needed more storage and minor layout revisions. After exploring their options with us – and after seeing our 3D Rendering of the proposed Kitchen Remodel in White Shaker – they decided to start from scratch. By keeping the basic layout, they were able to leave the hardwood flooring untouched. We relocated the dry bar area to the adjacent room and included multiple drawer base cabinets for easy-access storage. Clean lines, decorative panels and glass accent doors bring the space to the next level of gorgeous.

Kitchen Remodel, White Shaker Cabinets, stacked cabients, decorative panels, granite countertops

Before the Remodel

Complete kitchen remodel, white shaker cabinets, stacked cabinets, decorative panels, granite countertops

After Full Kitchen Remodel

Complete Kitchen Remodel, White Shaker cabinets, stacked cabinets, glass inserts, decorative panesl

After Full Kitchen Remodel