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Our purpose at Kitchen Doctors is to help people love their kitchens. While food preparation is a primary function, the kitchen also serves as a place for family and friends to gather. It’s where we gathered growing up, and where my mother spent many hours working to keep her ten children fed and happy. She calls it “the heart of the home,” and really believes that having a beautiful and functional kitchen keeps the heart happy. At Kitchen Doctors, we work hard to bring that feeling of a beautiful place to gather to other families.

What sets Kitchen Doctors apart? Options. From our initial consultation through project completion, we collaborate with our customers to determine exactly which of the many choices we offer will accomplish their goals. Our unique process, built from decades of experience, walks you through the maze of options and decisions so we can make sure you have the kitchen you want. From big decisions to the smallest details, from simple change to a full remodel, our goal is to determine what you need. It’s why we say, “We Make Your Kitchen Beautiful.”

Jim Sheehan
Owner (pictured with his daughter)

Richmond, Virginia - Contractor's License No. 2705067995