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People often ask me about repairing the area of their cabinet doors and drawer fronts around the handles or knobs.  The damage is due to fingertips touching or rubbing against the area for many years as well as nicks in the wood grain from finger nails or sharp objects.  To try a self repair, you would first remove all of the hardware on the doors and drawer fronts, thoroughly clean the affected area, and then touch up the worn or nicked spots with a stain stick that best matches the color of your cabinets.  These stain sticks come in multiple stain finishes and can be purchased at most hardware stores.  Allow the touch-up stain to completely dry and then apply a small amount of semi-gloss polyurethane, which can be purchased in a spray form at most hardware stores.  Only spray the affected area.  The majority of cabinets are finished in a semi-gloss.  The handles or knobs can be re-installed once the polyurethane has dried

Kitchen Doctors offers a process called Re-conditioning, which takes care of the problem of wear and nicks on the finish of cabinet doors and drawer fronts.  We then re-coat all the exteriors of the cabinets; frames, doors and drawer fronts,  in a water-based polyurethane giving a fresh look to worn looking wood grain cabinets.  For more information about our process please call us at 804-897-7982.

Reface, Replace, Remodel or Re-Condition.  Choose the one that works for you – Kitchen Doctors.