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Before Kitchen Remodel

Dated Kitchen in need of a Remodel

While still in graduate school, a young lady bought her first home in the Forest Hill area. She loves to cook, but her kitchen failed to meet her storage requirements, was unattractive to her, and was badly in need of a Remodel. Ready for a change, she contacted us for suggestions. We worked with her to design the kitchen pictured below (Before and After.) By choosing Thermofoil instead of all wood cabinetry and laminate for her countertops, she was able to keep the project within her limited budget. Her goal was not to create the kitchen of her dreams, but rather to make her existing kitchen appealing to her and to a future buyer. (She knows that kitchens sell homes!) We created a pass-through to the dining room to give the room a more open feeling and to allow her to converse with guests while cooking. Once the electricians add the switchplates and finish up, she looks forward to planning gourmet dinners for her boyfriend, her parents and her friends.

Thermofoil kitchen  cabinets

After Remodel with White Thermofoil cabinets and WilsonArt laminate tops