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 This blog is inspired by a recent customer who is looking for an all white kitchen to showcase her brightly colored Fiestaware. She wants a white Shaker style door, white Cambria or Silestone countertop, and white subway tile backsplash. Today in the showroom she discovered that there are over fifty shades of white and when put next to each other one shade will look brighter or creamier. Lighting also affects how white looks and in one corner of the showroom the countertop samples looked pink while in another area they looked perfectly white. What is next to white will also affect the way it reads. Standing alone, a pure snow white painted wood door appears white. However when placed next to a bright white laminate door it looks like cream. It is the subtle undertones that appear to change the shade of white and how the shade reads to the eye ultimately determining what we see when we look at it.
Although this kitchen will be all white, the textures of the wood, quartz and the tile is what will create visual interest. Stay tuned!