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Jim Sheehan, Owner, and his daughter

Jim Sheehan, Owner, and his daughter

Jim Sheehan

Jim Sheehan is one of ten children raised by his stay-at-home mom, Dorothy, and Bank Manager father, Jim on Long Island, New York. Family was everything, and the close-knit loyalty instilled by his parents is very much a part of Jim’s life today with his own family of four girls and his family-owned and operated business, Kitchen Doctors.

After graduating high school, Jim worked for his older brother Larry in his successful Kitchen and Flooring Company. He started as an apprentice in the workshop learning how to manufacture countertops, cabinets and custom furniture. After mastering carpentry, he became an apprentice to the top Installer and Reface Mechanic in the company and worked as a Helper until he had honed his skill and was promoted to Installer. In his mid twenties, Jim opened his own kitchen business, and he has continued to develop his skills and expertise in the field for over 30 years.

For many years, the Sheehans traveled to Richmond, Virginia to visit family who had moved here. Eventually, in 2000, they decided that Richmond was where they wanted to set down roots and raise their family. Sixteen years later, family and friends have grown in number, and Kitchen Doctors is well-established, having earned a reputation for providing high quality materials, installation, and service. Jim is driven by dedication to excellence, commitment to his customers, and a life-long love of creating beautiful kitchens.

    Richmond, Virginia - Contractor's License No. 2705067995