Renovation And Remodel

Imagine having exactly the layout you want, with brand-new cabinets, countertops, fixtures, and lighting. Kitchen Doctors can give you more than a kitchen update – let us give you an entirely new kitchen!

We can design the room based on your needs and style, or follow your lead in making the changes you want. Cramped, congested space? Let us design a new layout to provide you with plenty of working space, flow, and movement. Dim, dreary atmosphere? We can provide clean, new materials and install fresh light fixtures to revitalize the space. Clutter at every turn? We specialize in design elements to offer increased kitchen storage and organization tools.

Your kitchen remodel can include:

  • New design and layout
  • Cabinet refacing, refinishing, or entirely new cabinets
  • Countertops of your choice
  • A new kitchen island for a design statement and improved functionality
  • Pantry organization and makeover (including turning closet pantries to cabinet pantries)
  • Upgrading or changing the sinks, faucets, lighting, and other fixtures
  • New flooring – including easy to clean tile, homey hardwood, or something unique
  • New, upgraded appliances – get that French door refrigerator you’ve been eying!
  • Opening up the entire space into other rooms to create an open floor plan
  • Adding a breakfast nook

Whatever kitchen you want to have in your existing home, Kitchen Doctors can bring your vision to life.  The key is knowing what options you have and how to make all your ideas fit together.

That’s what Kitchen Doctors specializes in – helping turn a vision and a wish into into a kitchen you’ll love.

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