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Remodel, Reface, Recondition or Modification


A complete kitchen renovation offers an opportunity to create a space that meets your needs functionally and appeals aesthetically. From our initial consultation with you in your home through the final walk-through at completion, our goal is to exceed your expectations and help create a kitchen you will love. Once your design is finalized and your choices made, we coordinate the entire job, striving to make the process as smooth as possible.

Every customer and project is unique. Sometimes, we are asked to provide guidance and suggestions each step of the way. Other times, our task is simply to make our customer’s vision a reality. Either way, we bring our knowledge, experience and expertise to every remodel. And ultimately, our work speaks for itself.


When cabinets are in good shape and the layout works, but the appearance is outdated, a custom cabinet reface may be the perfect solution. We offer options ranging from painted maple to colonial cherry to decorative laminate veneer. You choose the new wood species or laminate, the new door style and crown molding, and we take it from there. The doors and drawer fronts are replaced, all exposed surfaces of the cabinet frames are covered with new matching material, all molding and toe kicks are removed and replaced to match. Our skilled professional installers use high quality products and proven installation methods to transform the look of the room without the disruption of a full kitchen renovation. When granite or quartz countertops are already in place, refacing can be an ideal solution for transforming the room.


Over time, natural wood can begin to lose its luster and warmth, becoming dull and worn-looking. Reconditioning renews the look of older cabinets and restores their natural beauty. To prepare for a recondition, we remove the cabinet doors and drawers, then wash the doors, drawer fronts and frames using a proprietary wash made for cleaning wood products. While removing layers of dirt, grease and stains, the wash chemically etches the wood to prepare it for the polyurethane to properly adhere to the surface. We then touch up any minor imperfections using toner sprays, fill sticks and stains. We hand-apply two coats of water-based polyurethane using proprietary applicators and, because our polyurethane is not a solvent-based product, it dries quickly without emitting fumes. Our customers are glad to have this affordable option and are very happy with the results.


Simple changes to cabinetry, from adding a few new pantries to improving ease of access with rollout trays, can make a big difference in the way a kitchen functions. Perhaps you would like to add an island in a color that contrasts with your existing cabinets. Or remove a closet-style pantry to improve the flow. Kitchen Doctors can provide an in-home consultation and make recommendations based upon your needs.

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