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Time for a Change

These North Chesterfield grandparents knew it was time for a change. They scheduled a consultation with us, during which we discussed the ways the kitchen no longer met their needs functionally. Since their children are busy working parents with small kids of their own, all holiday gatherings take place at Grandpa and Grandma’s. Based on

After Two Years of Research….

Some of our customers have been considering a Kitchen Remodel for years, literally. In the case of these West End homeowners (whose Before and After photos appear below), they had met with multiple companies over the course of two years, and had even proceeded to work with one of them. However, prior to the start

“We assumed this would cost so much more!”

The West End kitchen pictured here was the only element preventing these homeowners from loving their new house. Beyond tossing the dated old cabinets, they knew they wanted to remove the wall between the kitchen and dining room to create an expansive open space. Following our initial Discovery Meeting, we presented our design and proposal. These

Tiny Kitchen Remodel

              This tiny house near the Ashland train station has been used as a rental property, but the homeowners are now ready to move in themselves. Their first priority was to renovate the very small kitchen from top to bottom. Kitchen Doctors created a design that maximized the available

Finally Time to Remodel

Remodeling this kitchen was going to be the top priority for these new West End homeowners until they encountered a series of unfortunate events that required immediate attention, including a back yard with major drainage concerns. When we met them, the family had taken care of the structural and plumbing problems, and was ready for

Dark and Drab to Bright and Fresh

Desperate to brighten their dark, outdated and worn-looking kitchen, these Southside homeowners called us for help. The combination of new White Shaker cabinets and Volga Blue granite countertops created the striking contrast pictured below. Since we were able to maintain the original footprint, the tile floors remained intact.

Opening Up the Space

The kitchen pictured above was difficult to photograph because it was so cramped. We were unable to capture a long shot until after we removed the wall between the kitchen and dining room. With all the space created, we were able to put in a new Island and shallow depth pantries. We think the “After”


“I need more storage space” is one of the most frequent comments we hear during our design consultations. Whether we remove a closet-style pantry to make room for a new freestanding one, or add them to an otherwise unused space, tall pantries have become popular and highly functional additions to many of our kitchens. Rollout

Grad Student on a Budget

While still in graduate school, a young lady bought her first home in the Forest Hill area. She loves to cook, but her kitchen failed to meet her storage requirements, was unattractive to her, and was badly in need of a Remodel. Ready for a change, she contacted us for suggestions. We worked with her

Turning Water Damage into an Opportunity

When an unexplained puddle of water appeared in their kitchen, these homeowners thought their granddaughter’s sippy cup had spilled. In fact, the refrigerator water line had developed a leak, and the floor, subfloor and several cabinets were damaged by the water. They had a decision to make: Repair the damaged cabinets and replace the floor,

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