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Reface or Recondition

Descriptions of Our Processes (if we are not replacing the cabinets)


Refacing offers an opportunity to entirely transform the look of a kitchen without tearing out and replacing the cabinets. We remove all doors and drawer fronts, then use a cement-based adhesive to cover frames, side panels and all exposed surfaces with new real wood veneer or DLV to match the new doors and drawer fronts. We hang the new doors with European-style soft-close hinges, and install new pulls and/or knobs. All moldings and trim are replaced to match, making the entire kitchen look brand new.

A Custom Cabinet Reface may be the perfect solution to update a kitchen with existing cabinets that are structurally sound, but worn or outdated. If the layout is working well, a Reface provides a brand new look, often for significantly less expense than a full Remodel. Many of our customers with existing quartz or granite countertops have chosen to Reface the cabinets to complement and save the stone. And, within the course of the Reface, we frequently make minor modifications such as installing new rollout trays, or replacing a desk with a new enclosed base cabinet, or replacing old drawer boxes and and installing new boxes with soft-close drawer glides. Our complimentary consultation provides an opportunity for you to tell us how, with the many options offered by Kitchen Doctors, we can help you have a kitchen you will love. Our Before and After Reface page highlights some of our past work. Imagine how we can transform your kitchen!


Over time, natural wood can begin to lose its luster and warmth, becoming dull and worn-looking. Reconditioning offers a chance to renew the look of older cabinets and restore their natural beauty. To prepare for a Recondition, we remove the cabinet doors and drawers, then wash the doors, drawer fronts and frames using a proprietary wash made for cleaning wood products. While removing layers of dirt, grease and stains, the wash chemically etches the wood to prepare it for the polyurethane to properly adhere to the surface. We then touch up any minor imperfections using toner sprays, fill sticks and stains. We hand-apply two coats of water-based polyurethane using proprietary applicators. Unlike many Cabinet Refinishing processes, our polyurethane is not a solvent-based product; it dries quickly without emitting fumes. Many of our Recondition customers have told us how grateful they are to have chosen this simple and affordable option.

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